Bali Inspired Green Goddess Soup

Bali Inspired Green Goddess Soup

Written by  The Green Coconut Sunday, 15 December 2013

For the Inner Goddess

It’s soup. It’s definitely green. This simple soup is not only a colour, it's a soup for your inner goddess and was inspired from one of our early trips to Bali and one of our favourite eating spots, Bali Buddha. Credit where credit is due. Our green soup is loaded with hearty, fiber-rich vegetables, including dark greens like silverbeat, spinach and kale. And for those days when your feeling a little more hungry there's always the option of adding lentils or thick slice of toasted rye sourdough.


any other green you desire
coconut oil
olive oil


In a large pot lightly fry the garlic and ginger in coconut oil. Then add your roughly cut greens and cook until wilted. Add enough water to cover and bring to the boil. Remove from the heat and simply blend to a smooth consistency. Serve and season with salt and pepper to taste with light drizzle of olive oil. The last but most important ingredient is the juice of half to one lemon.

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The Fluid Of Life

So what's the deal? Why is everyone drinking it?

What is the Green Coconut is an advocate of nature know best. So the best way to get coconut water is straight out of its own sterile husk.

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