The Green Recipe Collection

The Green Recipe Collection

Written by  The Green Coconut

A coconut is more than just the juice. Whip it, use it raw, fry it, boil it, bake. Enough already just start cooking

Clean and Green

Welcome to the Green Recipe Collection. Here we cook and eat healthy and simple vegetarian food with all natural ingredients, whole grains, fruit and vegetables. The staples to a balanced healthy diet.

We are people that care about other people and our planet. Our goal is to create a new perspective of healthy and delicious food.

As much as possible our suppliers are local and the produce is organic and seasonal from regional farms. Our recipe collection offers something for everyone. We have gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

The Collection

We hope you enjoy our recipe collection and more.

The Green Recipe Collection welcomes all inquiries and comments regarding how we can improve our offerings.

The Green Coconut

The Green Coconut

The Young Green Coconut
Peace, Love & Coconuts


The Fluid Of Life

So what's the deal? Why is everyone drinking it?

What is the Green Coconut is an advocate of nature know best. So the best way to get coconut water is straight out of its own sterile husk.

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