Coming to a Festival Near You

Coming to a Festival Near You

Written by  The Green Coconut Saturday, 24 August 2013

Coconut Luau

As the sun sets on one another event with a mellow base beat in the background. What would best create that lasting memory of a perfect weekend

We may be biased but we think it has to be a freshly tapped coconut shared between friends. It evokes the mood and tastes of the tropics, sand, sun and fun.

We love all things coconut. It's the healthiest drink in the world. Not just green on the outside they are also environmentally friendly (100% biodegradable) and sustainable.

crackin' the coconut

"Here at the Green Coconut we drink green coconuts all summer long. They usually contain enough half formed meat to make it worthwhile to split them open. Naturally we do that with any number of our vast machete collection.

If the chopping of green coconuts makes you queasy or you have a moral objection to violent acts perpetrated against defenseless green coconuts please don't try this at home."

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The Green Coconut

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The Fluid Of Life

So what's the deal? Why is everyone drinking it?

What is the Green Coconut is an advocate of nature know best. So the best way to get coconut water is straight out of its own sterile husk.

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