Dragon Dreaming Festival 2015

Dragon Dreaming Festival 2015

Written by  The Green Coconut Friday, 07 August 2015

Dragon Dreaming is more than just a doof

23 Oct 2015 - 26 Oct 2015

We’ve heard so many good things about Dragon Dreaming Festival from our fellow vendors and we’re so happy to be invited to become a part of the dreaming family this year. The gathering has been going on since 2008 and from all accounts has been from strength to strength and fostering a sense of community for returnees.

Fire, Air, Water and Earth. These four core elements make up the building blocks of life

Dragon Dreaming is more than just a doof, its a multi media arts and music event, incorporating a plethora of musical styles, cinema, workshops, and performances. It’s a festival that celebrates art, music, nature, and the freedom of self-expression in a safe, family friendly gathering not far from Canberra, Australia.

“Dragon Dreaming Festival runs four stages in alignment with the four elements every year: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. These four core elements make up the building blocks of life itself and have been honoured throughout the ages across the globe, with the fifth element that of spirit and love being held within the hearts of each and every person. As each stage embodies the elemental reflection, we are reminded of how that aspect works within our lives and what they have to teach us about ourselves and our journey to greater happiness and fulfillment.” - Dragon Dreaming Festival


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