Earthcore Festival 2014

Earthcore Festival 2014

Written by  The Green Coconut Thursday, 16 October 2014

Earthcore Returns For A Five Day Event for 2014

27 Nov 2014 - 01 Dec 2014

The line-up features a selection of artists across the electronic music spectrum, and is headlined by Shpongle (Simon Posford, aka Hallucinogen — and Raja Ram, one third of The Infinity Project). The five days will cater to all palettes with techno titans like Format: B, trance stars like Astrix, and psychedelic legends like Raja Ram.

Spirituality workshops, talks and interactive classes, food and entertainment for the body, mind and soul, will ensure no one is left hanging for something to do. There will be four-tier system of camping for tastes — from the most hardcore camper to the city dweller looking for a week away from it all; from wandering nomad to pampered princess.

Celebrating 21 years this year is Earthcore

Preceding all other Electronic music festivals in Australia, Earthcore is five days of music, culture, arts and an out-of-this-world experience in the heat of summer. Between 27th November and 1st December, Earthcore will return for 2014, 21 years after it was born. Residing near the town of Pyalong roughly 90 kilometres north of Melbourne, Earthcore will be bringing the best in Electronic music artists to five different stages, including Victor Ruiz, Format: B, Tripswitch, Klopfgeister, Raja Ram and Astrix.

As well as music on the main stages, there will be spirituality workshops, interactive talks and classes within the Elemental Planet. Combining the five elements of life, each zone offers an experience that are beneficial to mind, body and soul. Chill out with carefully selected artists and DJs at Yellow Sunshine Chillout, where the essence of water washes over you, or partake in the physical exchange of dance, movement and yoga to spread fire through the body.

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