Sustainable Living Festival 2014

Sustainable Living Festival 2014

Written by  The Green Coconut Friday, 14 February 2014

Australia's biggest sustainable living festival

14 Feb 2014 - 16 Feb 2014

Australia's BIggest Sustainable Living Festival. The Sustainable living festival is a manifestation of a commitment to healing our environment, a demonstration of diverse proposals for changing our behaviour and reducing the damaging impact we are having. The Green Coconut made its first appearance at Rainbow Serpent Festival back in 2012. We've made some changes since then and improved our cococnut offering. As always on the menu is the ever popular Magic Coconut and not far behind our much loved Coco Lux Deluxe. We are also one of the few crews  that will only ever open a coconut when you've ordered.

The Festival attracts over 150,000 visits and engages with hundreds of organisations and individuals to stage Australia's largest and oldest sustainability festival.

The Festival is driven by a collective of people who share the common goal of creating a sustainable future.

The Festival's expanded program engages individuals and communities across Victoria to host and promote sustainability events. Beyond this, the Festival is extending the reach of the sustainability message to the cities, suburbs and streets of the nation.

The Festival's Big Weekend event at Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne will continue to celebrate the very best examples of ecological and social sustainability. The event embraces interactive workshops, talks, demonstrations, artworks, exhibits, films and live performances.

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The Fluid Of Life

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What is the Green Coconut is an advocate of nature know best. So the best way to get coconut water is straight out of its own sterile husk.

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