Hemp Seeds by Hemp Foods Australia

Hemp Seeds by Hemp Foods Australia

Written by  The Green Coconut Monday, 10 March 2014

Hemp Protein

Food regulation in Australia can be baffling sometimes. It's so easy to walk into a supermarket and fill your trolley with foods that can potentially undermine your health like litres of soft drink and cheap doughnuts. Yet if you want to buy hemp seed, a source of vitamins and minerals and a rich source of protein and healthy omega-3 fat, it's still officially banned for use as a food.

Small Family Run Farm

Hemp Foods Australia are farmers of Australian Industrial hemp seed for oil, protein and fibre. As a small family run farm based business they believe this plant is not only sustainable, but necessary for the future of our children.

All their products start with organic seeds. 100% Australian Certified Organic. They either grow them themselves or contract reputable Certified Organic farmers from pristine growing environments. Either way you’re getting the finest organic seeds from plants that thrived in well cared for, nutrient rich, fertile soil.

Current Consideration of Hemp

In December 2012 the ministers responsible for food regulation (the Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation) sought a review of a FSANZ decision to approve an application to permit hemp for sale. This means the sale of foods containing hemp-based ingredients is still prohibited. In New Zealand the sale of hemp seed oil as a food is permitted subject to certain conditions.

In December 2013, the Forum agreed to extend the review period until 30 June 2014 and asked for further advice from FSANZ. At its meeting on 27 June 2014, the Forum considered FSANZ’s advice. The Forum advised FSANZ that the review is now due to be completed on 5 December 2014 for consideration at a meeting of the Forum in late January 2015.

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