Zebra Dream

Zebra Dream

Written by  The Green Coconut Sunday, 09 March 2014

Vegan Decadence

Finally a vegan ice cream that’s not made of soy, full of sugar and a shopping list full of ingredients. If that’s not enough the ingredients are organic and fair trade. We call it a healthy conscious delight.

Visit the frozen food section of your local health food store and you'll find an incredible array of non-dairy ice creams. There's sorbet, gelato, rice-based and soy-based ice creams! But which one to choose?

Our experience and the ‘sour’ point for us was always the use of sugars, soy, colours and more. Our question was why these big brands had never come out with a coconut milk recipe and natural ingredients. It took Zebra Dream Coconut Ice Cream a small independent ice cream maker to do just that.

We first tasted Zebra Dreams incarnation back in early 2013. Back then it was a work in progress. The flavour was good but the texture needed refining.

Come early 2014 we tasted the new breed of Zebra and were we impressed.


Appearance ****

Packaging ****

Melt ****

Texture ****

Flavour *****

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